Ways to relax your eyes

Published: 16th July 2010
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Blurriness, burning, double vision, headache are all the symptoms of eyestrain which is the main cause of vision defects. Luckily treatment for eyestrains is quite easy. Some simple eye exercises can improve your vision naturally. If you wear glasses or contacts, your eyes may get tired easily after one day's work. However, you can train your eyes to make them stronger. Of course, any pressure on your eyes such as weight should be avoided. The easiest way to train your eyes is relaxation. You need to get some rest to let your eyes come back to their natural shape. Only with enough relaxation, the muscles would not press on the eyes.

There are some easy methods can be taken to relax your eyes. Palming is the easiest way to achieve this goal. You can do it anywhere when you are free. What you should do is just to rub your hand to make them warm and cover your eyes with your palms, trying to see ideal blackness. Sometimes you will see illusions of colors with tired eyes. You need to avoid any pressure on your eyeballs. Since this method is very easy, you can do it during your break or anytime you like. Take a deep breath and have a rest.

Avoiding glare is also very important. If the sunlight is too harsh, it can be harmful to your eyes. Reduce glare when you are in the sun. Close your eyes and sunbathe for a minute, because sun is very important to our body just as water to the fish.

When you focus your eyes on one object for too long time, your eyes will get tired. So you should take a break and change focus. You can choose to look out of a window or just the object which is not so near. This can help you relax your eye muscles and relieve your eyestrain.

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